Best Of 2016: Television

If it’s true, as the critics say, that we’re in the Golden Age of Television, then 2016 was the jewel in the crown. From cutting-edge comedies to edge-of-your-seat procedurals, from limited-run premium TV events to what-the-hell-is-this clusterfarts streaming on Netflix, 2016 was the year television truly swung for the fences … and hit a home run every single time.

Hispanic couple watching television

Is television an art form? It’s too soon to tell. But for now, let’s pretend it is — and celebrate these achievements in the medium.


10. Pretty good television shows

9. Non-boring television shows

8. The television shows everyone is talking about

7. Television shows only the COOL and SMART people are talking about

6. Women and men are friends on television

5. Shows you can watch on your new widescreen TV

4. “Did you hear?” “About what?” “The new show.” “Oh, yeah — I DID.”

3. Shows about robots or alien creatures with fifty things happening at once and also there’s a parallel universe inside an old shed with ghosts or androids or who knows what and you can’t understand anything but you have to pretend to understand so your friends don’t think you’re a T.V.D.F.T.T. (Television Dummy From Toilet Town)

2. Television stories that pass the highest standards of quality

1. The finest television shows ever made