Best Of 2016: SEX

There’s an old saying on the internet: “Sex sells.” And is it any wonder? Our natural, beautiful bodies have always given us pleasure and titillation. Forbidden desires erupt into passionate flames when we take off our clothes and admire our birthday suits.


Our culture reflects this fascination with sex, and 2016 saw more sexual imagery and adult themes than any year in history. And thanks to cable television and the internet, sex has never been easier to enjoy from afar.

In fact, why don’t we engage in a little “adult role play” to underscore this point? I’ll be the judge, and you be the accused criminal who has been charged to appear in my court.

ME (Judge): Do I see the defendant before me?

YOU (nervous): Yes, your honor.

ME (Judge): And do you know about … sex?

YOU (blushing): Yes I do your honor.

ME (Judge): And how do you plead???

YOU (going crazy with desire): Tee-hee, I am guilty, guilty as charged! Guilty of being naughty and knowing about sex!!!

ME (Judge): You must pay a substantial fine.


Whether it’s an erotic encounter, a touch of silk, or a candlelit bubblebath that includes full coitus, sex takes us out of the day-to-day and into the realm of romance. So let’s get a little frisky and celebrate the BEST SEX OF 2016:

10. Hardcore sex

9. Erotic sex

8. Pretty good sex

7. (TIE) Sex in movies and books / Reproductive sex

6. Adult themes

5. Wondrous sex

4. Sexual encounters that will leave you breathless

3. Humanoid sex that confirms our biological functions

2. Mind-blowing sex

1. The most fantastic sex in human history