Best Of 2016: LETTUCE

Let’s face it: America’s love affair with lettuce isn’t ending anytime soon.

Our humble, leafy green friend is always there for us — through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, doing its duty, a devoted servant to our nutritional desires. Simply put, lettuce is America’s favorite food and probably one of our main crops. And we’re all the better for this simple fact.

bestof2016_lettuceIs it any wonder lettuce is known as “The Queen of Vegetables?” Far from it: It’s no wonder at all.

And when it comes to lettuce, 2016 was no different. From chic salads to humble piles of lettuce, if there’s one thing we learned, it’s that lettuce is always terrific. In this crazy, mixed up salad we call life, the winner is always lettuce. Every time.

And if you disagree? Well, you’ve got another “lettuce thing” coming.

So let’s take a moment to celebrate the best of lettuce. Here are the TOP TEN LETTUCES OF 2016.

10. Salad lettuces

9. Boutique lettuces

8. Amazing lettuces

7. “Let us” enjoy some fresh lettuce

6. Lettuce that speaks to the way we live now

5. Mmm, lettuce

4. Some of the freshest lettuce

3. Modern lettuces

2. (TIE) Crispy, ice-cold lettuce / Colorful lettuce

1. Lettuce that brings out the best in all of us