Best of 2015: MOVIES

Ah, the cinema: We get settled into our seats, the lights go down, the screen comes alive, and we are children once more — delighting in the best the cinema has to offer! Movies are where we go to learn how to dream again.


And what dreams we saw in 2015! From sci-fi epics to domestic dramas, the world of cinema was alive as never before this year. Movies hold a mirror up to society and allow us to see ourselves as we truly are, and for that we must thank movies.

Here are the BEST MOVIES OF 2015:

10. The worst movies ever made

9. Pretty bad movies

8. Movies that are all right, but you wouldn’t want to pay full price

7. Movies where you pay full price, and then wonder if it was worth it, but then decide the movie wasn’t the worst thing you’ve ever seen, so paying full price is okay

6. Movies where paying full price was definitely worth it

5. Movies that are so good, you wish you could pay the movie even more money for watching it … it’s just that good

4. (TIE) Really, really good movies / “Did you see that wonderful movie?”

3. Some of the greatest masterpieces of cinema ever created

2. Silly movies

1. 3D movies — “Look out! That car is about to hit us! Hennnnrrryy!!!” “It’s just a movie, dear.” “Oh, I forgot we were at the movies Henry.”