Best Of 2014: BOOKS


Books, books, books! These old warhorses of the entertainment industry showed no signs of slowing down in 2014. The publishing industry has never been stronger, and this was the year that proved it: From best-selling thrillers to romantic adventures, every day brought a new book into our lives … and truly made 2014 “one for the books.”

Think about it: What is a book? Nobody really knows. But we know what we like — and what we like is BOOKS.

Here are the TOP TEN BOOKS OF 2014:

10. Classic books

9. New books

8. Pretty good books

7. Illustrated books

6. Second-hand books

5. Paperback books

4. E-books

3. “Check out the best-seller list, all the best books are on it”

2. Wonderful books

1. Damn fine books … really, just the best books