Best Of 2012: CAT PHOTOS

NOTHING SAYS “MODERN LIFE” LIKE A PICTURE OF A CAT IN YOUR EMAIL INBOX OR ON YOUR WEB. For all the damage the internet has done, and all the ways it’s made our lives worse, it still can’t be beat when it comes to sharing photos of cats that just plain make you smile (and maybe, also, “things that make you go hmm-mm?” with a cat).

Thanks to social media and buzz sites, 2012 will always be remembered as the year cat photos finally grew up. We saw photos of cats making grumpy faces, cats wearing suits of armor like a medieval knight, and cats driving trucks and even breaking the speed limit. “Cat Photo For President 2012” was heard at all the major political rallies this year, as was “My Favorite Singer Is Cat Photos Online 2012” also heard at big concerts from Madison Central Garden to the hottest underground clubs.

So get ready for a warm, fuzzy feeling as we review THE BEST CAT PHOTOS OF 2012:

10. Silly cat photos

9. Funny cat photos

8. Adorable cat photos

7. “Can you believe this cat photo?”

6. “Just another day of amazing cat photos, God bless me for being alive in this time of miracles”

5. Satirical cat photos

4. “Meow meow, vote for Romney”

3. Cautionary cat photos

2. Almost the best cat photos

1. The best cat photos