AS WE POLISH OFF ANOTHER BUCKET CHRISTMAS COOKIES, OUR THOUGHTS NATURALLY TURN TO OUR FAVORITE CELEBRITIES AND HOW HEAVY THEY GOT IN 2012. Nobody knows why 2012 was “The Year of the Celebrity Weight Gain,” but it undoubtedly was — whether it was the hottest young starlet being caught on the beach with baggy legs, or a formerly rugged leading man whose knuckles looked like ten little bellies sticking out of his hands, we will always remember 2012 as “The Year Celebrities Let Themselves Go.”

This is bad news for celebrity lovers, but good news for regular people like us: It means that “Celebrities … they’re just like us” has never been more true — or more overweight, because of celebrities getting a little thick around the middle where they’re most fat in their bellies.

Without any further appetizers, let’s feast upon the TOP TEN CELEBRITY WEIGHT GAINS OF 2012:

10. 15 pounds

9. 22 pounds

8. 9.1 pounds

7. As big as two normal-sized celebrities

6. 35 pounds

5. 29 pounds

4. 29.6 pounds

3. 40 pounds

2. The biggest weight gains

1. The most spectacular weight gain of any celebrity