Best Of 2012: FADS

“HAVE YOU SEEN THE LATEST FAD? IT’S REALLY QUITE SOMETHING.” And so begins another conversation sure to delight, amuse and inspire. Fads make life more interesting — they add “spice” to the banality of existence without God’s grace. Is it any wonder Americans have gone “fad-crazy” in the past few years?

And 2012 was no different. It was a year DEFINED by its fads. From temporary fads to more permanent fads, 2012 can truly be called “The Year of the Fad.” Let’s talk about the TOP TEN FADS OF 2012:

And so here are the TOP TEN FADS OF 2012:

10. Funny fads

9. Silly fads

8. “Fads that make you go hm-mmm?”

7. Internet fads

6. Passing fancies

5. Mail-order fads

4. Trashy fads

3. “I don’t believe it”

2. Classic fads

1. Non-stop fads