2012 Year In Review: Best Of 2012, TRENDS

WHAT MAKES EACH YEAR DIFFERENT FROM THE NEXT? The answer is simple: TRENDS. These are the items and things that define a year — even an era! For what was the Medieval Era except for its trends? (Of course, disease played a role, but what is disease but a trend of sickness?) So now you see how important trends are to the “character” of a year.

Is it any surprise that 2012 had more trends than almost any other year in history? Whether it was online, offline, or on the streets, it seemed like you couldn’t walk down the street without encountering a new trend. Some made us smile; others made us confused. But that’s the nature of trends: And in the case of 2012, it’s safe to say “These are not your grandma’s trends.” Let’s celebrate!

Here are the TOP 10 TRENDS OF 2012:

10. Memes

9. Styles

8. Events

7. Crazes

6. Surprises

5. Amazing things

4. “Did you see that?!”

3. “The question is, did you see that?!”

2. Unforgettable moments

1. Major trends