Olympics Liveblogging, Part II

8:53 PM: Now THAT’S what I call volleyball! A bunch of jumping a bonking! Everyone who competes in the Olympics and doesn’t suck is a winner.

8:49 PM: “Misty May, one of the greatest if not THE greatest…” (talking about volleyball on NBC) Zzzzzzz

8:47 PM: Well, that’s another ad for another TV show I probably won’t buy a TV in order to watch.

8:45 PM: USA wins the two-woman volleyball game! Oh, but it’s only the first set. Man, there’s a lot of ads on NBC’s Olympics. We’re hitting the mute button like every 30 seconds. My mom is talking about exercising at the senior center, about how there are all these crazy ping-pong players at the community center.

8:43 PM: Just spotted a second, larger tattoo on the US volleyball lady. Hmm. “America, when did we lose our way?” Mitt Romney never would’ve allowed that at HIS Olympics.

8:42 PM: A controversy about whether the US team “did a touch” on their volleyball. My head is still spinning from the Romney ad, so I can’t tell what’s what on this beach in London.

8:41 PM: We just saw a Chic-Fil-A commercial!!! It’s really a real business!!! Now we’re watching a Mitt Romney ad about how he saved the Olympics from 9/11(?!) WTF was that a real ad?!

8:39 PM: Must credit Nike headband for USA Olympics Volleyball, cc: NBC Sports Score Update, Olympics Edition / TV Broadcast Coverage (c) 2012 A.D.

8:38 PM: USA up by 2 points in beach volleyball in London. Must credit MNFTIU.CC & NBC Olympics Coverage, (c) 2012 Olympics

8:36 PM: One of the USA ladies has a tattoo on her back. C’mon guys, cover that moldy ol’ angel-looking thing with a band-aid, this is a class event. We’re not riding mechanical bulls for gold medals.

8:35 PM: Just jumping around in the sand and hitting the volleyball while everyone cheers. I guess this sport is okay, but it’s kinda boring to me.

8:33 PM: And we’re back! It’s women’s beach volleyball — I’ve heard a lot about this sport because of some controversy about bikinis and ladies’ bottoms or something. It don’t care if they wear sexy-nurse uniforms, this sport is boring, aka “On Her Majesty’s Secret Snooze-ice.”

8:32 PM: My mom just admitted she doesn’t read my reality-show recaps “terribly intensely.” 🙁 My dad just said, “It’s wonderful watching commercials without sound.” He basically hates commercials.

8:31 PM: Back to commercials. NBC is doing a good job of balancing Olympic content and commercials.