Friday Face-Offs: Party In The USA — WINNER!

Do you like books? Are you, like me, the son of a librarian? Are you a fan of shameless pro-book propaganda? And most importantly, do you like synthesizer noises from beyond the eighth dimension?* Then you will enjoy this week’s WINNING FFO VIDEO:

Look how hard those kids are chillin’ with their books at (1:13)! How do you not love those poses? Basically, this video represents one librarian’s dream of a TOTAL BOOK RIOT. “Got my book out / I’m reading for fun / laughing out loud again”

(*You’ll know when you hear it.)

BOOM! Books take first place this week! Friday Face-Offs = reading for fun!

Okay, that was Friday Face-Offs “Election Fever Edition,” aka “Party In The USA,” aka “Newt Gingrich wants all these kids to work as janitors.”

Have a great weekend!

FFO #1