Friday Face-Offs: Party In The USA – 5th Place

I love this!

Professional blogger-discretion forbids me from admitting how many times I’ve listened to this in the past 72 hours. Who would’ve thought that slowing and reversing Party In The USA would lead to a melancholy sludge-fest that should leave Kyuss shaking in their boots? The bridge is positively religious. I promise if you listen to this on headphones you will feel really happy, like you’re sucking a purple-syrup sunset through a straw made out of beach-trip memories.

The reason I like reversed/slowed/chopped music is it reminds us how much sonic information lies within every pop song, no matter how insidious and un-serious it may appear at first. It’s like hidden treasures, am I right or what? (HINT: I’m right.) Dr. Luke’s masterly zwhip-zhwoop sound is even more glorious in this version.

(Also, if I was the kind of guy who got full-body back tattoos of elves wandering through fog-storms*, the image for this video would have me sorely tempted.)

FRIDAY FACE-OFFS. We’re having a Party in the USA, and that’s why Mitt Romney has my vote, because he obviously loves to party!!! Go Team Mitt, I support you no matter how rich you are! I LOVE WEALTH, ILL-GOTTEN GAINS FTW

(*Don’t worry guys, I’m not. But I hope you are!)

One more thing:

Friday Face-Offs!