Friday Face-Offs: Replay – 8th Place

Ohhh yeah, this is how you set it off Friday Face-Offs style! Ring-a-ling-ding, Ma Bell in the house!

Can you smell what the Rock is cookin’? (By “Rock,” I mean “whoever the person in this video is.”) He’s cookin’ up phone-jams for the new millenium! This person is basically the Vladimir Horowitz of phones. And to think, some losers need iPhones to make music on phones. “Ooh, look, I downloaded this app that lets me play on a little piano keyboard on my phone!” Motherfucker, why don’t you just bust out your old-ass phone and roll up your sleeves and apply some good ol’ fashioned elbow-thumb grease? Go ahead, shorty. Get your thumbs stuck on Replay.

Friday Fone-Offs! “ET phone home, because we’re rocking on phones, and we need your phone.”

QUESTION FOR PHONE SCIENTISTS: What would happen if you made this phone-song your phone’s ring tone? Would the whole universe collapse into a black phone-hole made out of phones?

(I’m about ten seconds away from inducing asemantic metamorphicism, the condition when you’ve said “phone” so much it starts to sound really weird and non-wordlike.)



Stuck on replay