There’s a new year, in case you’ve haven’t heard. It’s called 2011. And we’re deep into it.

How about we have a nice FRIDAY FACE-OFFS to celebrate? It’s only been, what, ninety-four months since the last one? Okay, yeah, let’s kick it FFO-style to celebrate the new year.

This week’s song is “Replay” by Iyaz. Listen to the original here:

Guys, do you think they used computers and/or machines to make this song? Part of me almost thinks they did … almost.

Okay, let’s get to it. First contestant coming up soon. FRIDAY FACE-OFFS!!!

(I guarantee that if you do your due diligence — listening to every version of Replay I’m about to share with you — by the end of the day, this song [“Replay”] will indeed “be stuck on replay” inside your head, just like Iyaz’s shorty is stuck inside his head, forever stuck on replay!)