Oh my dear, dear mnftiu reader: You thought I’d forgotten about Friday Face-Offs, didn’t you?

You thought I’d gone all “Joe Hollywood Pencil-Sharpener?” Please.

You thought all I could do was liveblog “Minute To Win It” and “Frogs?” Don’t make me laugh.

Friday Face-Offs!!!

Welcome to the 23rd installment of the greatest thing on the internet since computers.

It’s been too long, so let’s get to it. There’s no time for pussy-footing around. It’s Friday, so let’s Friday-Face-Off our fucking faces off.

This week’s song is “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. Watch the original video here:

I love this song. If it was more mindless, it’d bill your HMO for the lobotomy. And in honor of this song … for this one day only … I’m wearing all my favorite brands.

“Y’all know me!”

First contestant is up next! You do remember how awesome FFO is, right? BUCKLE UP.

Friday Face-Offs!!!!!!!!