Minute To Win It Liveblogging, Part II

8:59 PM My mom says that’s the last show of the season. Could this be true??? In any event, it’s time to eat dinner. See you next time, and thanks to everyone who wrote re: LA Times thing. I will reply to emails tomorrow. “Minute to Win It 4 Life”

8:58 PM Fieri really playing up the magnitude of their decision whether to take the money or keep playing. Audience says? They should take the money and run. The contestants will “take the cash and make the dash.” Scott and Emily made $125,000 tonight. Big ups to Office Max for their support.

8:57 PM This is fun.

8:56 PM Here comes the big pencil-grabbing challenge. This? Looks fun. If I didn’t have respect for #2s, I might try this. But pencils aren’t toys. They’re tools. HE DID IT!!! He grabbed all the pencils for $125,000!!! Maybe I’m in the wrong line of pencil-related work. MOM: “Maybe he’ll send you all those pencils to be sharpened.”

8:55 PM Here comes a mini-doc about Scott and Emily, our contestants. Where’s the shot of the Charlotte skyline? RIP-OFF! Only interior shots of an office, could be anywhere. Could be FAKE.

8:54 PM I love how Fieri is reduced to trying to analyze the speed and angle of the quarters. When I’m hosting MTWI, I’ll just lie down on a cot and close my eyes during Million Dollar Mission.

8:53 PM Here she goes, tossing quarters into the jug. Good luck, lady. I think Fieri has a new pinkie ring tonight, can anybody confirm or deny?

8:52 PM My mom already senses this challenge is total B.S. She just dropped the fattest “Oh my goodness” of the year.

8:51 PM Great, my favorite part of the show: Million Dollar Mission! Good luck flicking a coin into a water bottle. Please, it’s easier for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

8:47 PM Now my parents are discussing whether MTWI is more exciting than a Carolina bball game.

8:45 PM Once again, I completely mis-called it: Scott successfully dropped a CD on a plastic cup without having it bounce off! They won $50,000 … and they have no intention of stopping! Next challenge: PENCIL BACK-FLIP CHALLENGE. “Universe collapsing into singularity, all that’s left is for Mike Watt to pop out and play a bass solo and I can die a happy man.”

8:44 PM Waitaminnit, waitaminnit, how can you DROP a CD on a cup and have it not bounce off? I smell a rat! This must be a carny-style challenge. They’re not winning this one, not with all the minutes in the universe.

8:43 PM Whoa, was that Guy Fieri’s murmur-voice? I liked that. I bet that’s how he talks when he must admit to something very shameful.

8:42 PM Dad, re: America’s Got Talent promo: “Hot dog, what a great night for TV.” Dad, I couldn’t agree more– AND I’M A BLOGGER.

8:41 PM A little self-conscious b/c my Mom is reading over my shoulder. Good thing I’m not blogging about my cocaine-party lifestyle right now … BIG SMILE from Mom re: that joke! FTW

8:40 PM This beer tastes so good, I want to eat the bottle. Flying can be a drag. “Just another amazing insight from the mind of your blogger.”

8:39 PM That “Eat, Pray, and/or Love” ad just flew by! My mom is seriously ragging on this Claritan ad … goddamn, I bet the Claritan peoples’ ears are BURNING right now … (And no, not because of allergies!)

8:38 PM Blog reader SA just sent me some highlights from the LAT comments section: “another arty version of the balloon dad impulse…” also: “Marx is rolling in his grave …” Could this have worked out any more perfectly? I love the LA Times forever. Why was I offline and stuck in an airport all day???

8:35 PM They’re trying bounce balls on clipboards for $50,000! “And that’s theirs to keep, no matter what.” –Mom. My parents are already loving this show, just like me. Time for a friend-of-the-contestant shout-out. All their friends from North Cackylacky. I don’t recognize them, though. Were they hanging at Local 506 back in the late 90’s? I DOUBT IT.