Update From Pencil Sharpening World, USA

I sharpened a lot of pencils yesterday. Thanks to everyone who ordered a pencil & print from the new site. I’m really happy and excited about this new project. I had a fantasy that I could go on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and sharpen pencils live on television; do you think that could actually happen? I’ll ask my agent to get to work on that.

Some people have sent me angry emails about this new pencil-sharpening business, asking why I charge so much money. The answer is that $12.50 is just an awesome amount of money to charge someone to sharpen their pencil. You know it, I know it, and everyone knows it.

Now, some trivia for the hardcore MNFTIU heads out there: Did you know that the “Certificates of Sharpness” that I sign and ship with every pencil are actually printed on 10-year-old cover stock from the original version of “My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable?” It’s true. Back when I was selling “Fighting Technique” out of my living room in Boston, I bought up all the Wausau Papers tan card stock to use for the covers. That tan card stock has since been discontinued, but I have a bunch of it in my office. So that’s what I use for the Certificates of Sharpness. See, that’s the kind of thing you usually only learn 100 years after the fact on Antiques Roadshow, but I told you for free just now.

It’s like everything has come full circle. And what a circle it has been!

Oh, another thing I wanted to tell you guys was, since everybody seems to like the MNFTIU liveblogging, I decided to pick a show and liveblog it every week. And guess what show I’ve picked? Only the hottest game show in America: MINUTE TO WIN IT, Wednesdays at 8:00 on NBC! I’m gonna liveblog it every Wednesday starting tonight! Yes, please tune in to mnftiu.cc at 8:00 PM EST this evening for the initial liveblog of this amazing show that I’ve been wanting to watch ever since I saw a preview during the Olympics(?) or whenever the last time I watched TV was.

Wow, this is turning into my longest blog post ever. I guess I’ll just keep going! Last night there was a skunk in my backyard; is that interesting to you guys? Probably not. I harvested four fat-ass cucumbers from the garden. Oh! And yesterday I made a banana smoothie for lunch. I put coconut flakes in it and it tasted amazing! Hmm, maybe this is “too much information.” We all feel queasy now, right?

Anyway, in conclusion, let me just say, please visit my pencil sharpening web site and order a pencil and print (the prints are beautiful, trust me, people love them … and the pencils aren’t so bad either). And don’t forget to tune in this evening at 8:00 for my exclusive “Minute to Win It” liveblog!