Reader Quesion RE: Pencil Shavings

Reader AC has a question about pencil-sharpening industrial waste, i.e. pencil shavings:
Bagging pencil shavings

When I was in 3rd Grade, a group of students somehow decided to regularly compete to see who could make the longest continuous pencil shaving. The would take their soft-lead colored pencils and use their hand-held pencil sharpeners to whittle the entire pencil down, leaving a single, continuous pencil shaving. They, of course, saved these shavings in their pencil boxes, because it’s not like you could ever throw away such masterpieces of Pencil Art.

What do you plan to do with your pencil shavings?

This photo says it all: All shavings are bagged, sealed, labeled, and returned to the owner to dispose of as they wish. After all, shavings are part of the pencil– and it’s YOUR pencil.

Beware pencil-sharpening services that don’t return your shavings! They’re ripping you off!

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