Friday Face-Offs: “Use Somebody” – 7th Place

These guys are trouble, right? They must be. You don’t play the claves like that unless you’re the biggest bad-ass in town, and also? Mark Ruffalo is totally holding it down on guitar.

I like to imagine they were watching their soccer match and all of a sudden one of them was like, “Hey let’s record a version of ‘Use Somebody’ real quick! Everyone pick an instrument they barely know how to play and let’s just rip this and get famous. And by the way leather jackets are MANDATORY.”

I love the final soul-moan at the end (1:47), where he sounds like a Luther Vandross balloon that’s being deflated.

By the way: if you’re having trouble following the lyrics, somebody was kind enough to transcribe them in the comments section to this video:

I was rapping the black in the other down before my beat,
And the place to place do you want to ??? (“rob”? –ed.) the one I see,
You know you last to please my body
You know you was to please somebody
Someone like you ( x 2)
I was black in the ??? (“broom”? –ed.) bless in now the door the moon I stay,
In the lost today you want the break you want my stay,
I know you last to please my body
I know you last to breast my body
The breast like you, someone like you.
Oh …

Why is this so funny to me? Reading transcripts of half-remembered lyrics sung in strange accents always makes me giggle. Am I a child, or a man? Only the Kings of Leon know …