Friday Face-Offs!!!

If it’s Friday, it must be time for


Welcome to the 22nd installment of an internet legend.

This week’s song is “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. Watch the original here:

This is a pretty good pop song. I think it won a Grammy a couple years ago, which is interesting, because so did “Beautiful Day” by U2, which has many rhythmic and structural and tonal similarities to “Use Somebody,” so what I’m saying is, if you’re really dead-set on winning a Grammy, you should write a song in this style (and if you win you have to thank MNFTIU in your acceptance speech), but the cool thing is, we don’t really care about winning Grammys, we care about watching Friday Face-Offs, so let’s get down to it, because this is gonna be one of the all-time hottest Friday Face-Offs!

Friday Face-Offs! Faces fallin’ off every which way.

PS: I need to warn you guys—this song will be stuck in your head like a muhr-fuhr-kuhr by the end of the day.