More Reader Feedback re: Friday Face-Offs

An email from reader EK shows he gets the spirit of FFO:

I have been contemplating writing this message since Friday night, after viewing and reading the Taylor Swift edition of Friday Face-Offs. Your sign-off at the end of the countdown (“And now, let us never speak of Taylor Swift again”) implies that you share my basic assessment of this song and its singer (“not so good, really”), but I believe that I apprehended what is beautiful about the FFO project: tapping into the joy that compels people to upload their renditions of these songs to the Internet.

Even the apparent narcissism of many Internet videos disappears, and their creators’ basic longing for sharing and connection is on display. FFO is not about Taylor Swift at all, but about humans reaching outward into the world.

Exact-a-mundo-lutely! Friday Face-Offs is a celebration of enthusiasm. Just like the old Pontiac ad says: “We build excitement!”