Reader Mail RE: Incumbent Punchline Strength In Polling

Reader JW responds to my post about the unexpectedly strong showing of last week’s winning punchline in this week’s Punchline Poll:

I voted for the incumbent punchline both times, but that’s only because of weak opposition. Did Bill Clinton really beat the Republicans in 1996? Or was Dole just a weak candidate? Questions to think about ….

“Weak opposition?” Are you kidding? One of this week’s candidates is “I’m a Martian; what do I care,” which has gotta be one of the greatest punchlines ever!

Meanwhile, the incumbent is winning at 85%!

Democracy is a dangerous thing. Will someone PLEASE stuff the ballot box before polls close this evening? I need an army of amoral agitators to keep pulling the lever for “I’m a Martian; what do I care,” which is Punchline #2 on your ballot.