Wine-Store Wager Update

MH is CRUSHING in every category … AG and DR (me) obviously don’t know anything about wine … there’s a new King of Wine, and his name is MH

A man just came in and bought 2 bottles of white wine … that means even MH’s RTWRP (red-to-white ratio prediction) is gaining ground … I thought we’d sell maybe 2 bottles of white TOTAL today … (because of the famous saying, “When it’s cold outside, people want red wine inside / and not white wine / because who would ever drink white wine unless it was / 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit outside?”)

BREAKING … news alert … AG just admitted that his initial TOTAL BOTTLE # was 23, but then he changed it to 11. “Way to go, Mr. Genius.” He’s getting his bottle-predicting-butt KICKED by all my wonderful customers!

I’m not saying we’re on track to selling 1,000 bottles of wine today, but I AM saying that we are selling some wine today.