3-Way Wine-Bet-Contest Update

I don’t even know why AG is still hanging out at the store. He low-balled his total bottle # bet, and now he’s getting totally crushed. In fact, I think we’ve already sold more bottles than his daily total bet-prediction, and it’s only 1:00 PM!

At one point this morning when bottles were flying off shelves faster than any of us “bet-heads” could have predicted, AG said I could “burn everything (he) owns” if he lost the wine-store-bottle-bet. Ladies and gentlemen, get your lighters ready!!!

I sold six bottles of wine to someone who was planning a party! That’s gonna be a fun party, I just know it. They bought four bottles of a nice solid red table wine that everyone loves. It’s called “Our Daily Red” and it’s organic. It doesn’t have the greatest label in the world, but one thing I’ve learned working at the wine shop is that you can’t always judge a bottle by its label (although you usually can).

More updates soon … the betting is hot and heavy … my assistants have gone out to get me some lunch and I’ve already sold two bottles in their absence … what will happen next … only Bacchus (god of wine and partying) knows …