Friday Face-Offs: “Run To The Hills” — WINNER!!!

ALERT … ALERT … history in the making … Drudge Report sirens blasting every which way … WE HAVE A TIE FOR FIRST PLACE!!!

I will be answering questions about this historic moment LIVE on CNN at 5:30 this evening … Cokie Roberts wanted an exclusive, but I couldn’t get with that … FFO breakthrough …

First-place tie, first-place tie … “They said it couldn’t be done…” Run to the hills, 666 the number of the beast, Iron Maiden … the devil, Eddie, Powerslave, merlot, all that stuff, up the irons, you know how we do … Inside Spontaneous Human Combustion with Bruce Dickinson …


Check this out (but first earn a PhD in semiotics so your mind doesn’t implode):

1:35 – 1:43, ouch. Who drew this, Cormac McCarthy? From the user’s description: “Weird pictures are showing you, what’s that song about. Try to feel it!” All I know is, if I owned a clothing store on the Lower East Side, I would be slapping all these images on t-shirts and selling them to trust-fund dopeheads for $80 a pop and I would be getting paid.


(Please, please watch this.)

Not much I can say about this, other than I hope you had a nice life, because I’m sorry but you have officially just been murdered by these kids.

FRIDAY FACE-OFFS! That’s it for Iron Maiden week. Have a great weekend. \m/