Friday Face-Offs: “Run To The Hills” – 2nd Place

You’ve tried the rest, now try the best!!!

Guitar tone of the year. Holy guacamole. Jimi Hendrix sippin’ on syrup. That’s the kind of tone suckers pay Butch Vig big bucks to bring out. Also, was this filmed by an undercover PETA operative or something? It looks like one of those secret slaughterhouse videos where you see people kicking chickens across the floor. Actually, the opening lick would work well in a PETA video, because it’s sort of queasy-making: “We snuck inside this Tyson Foods plant and shot this SHOCKING video of a man setting CHICKEN FEET on fire and throwing CHICKEN HEADS into a hot-grease-grinder and he was LAUGHING THE WHOLE TIME … run to the hills!”

I love how someone’s mom starts working the lights at 2:39.

Friday Face-Offs! Run for your lives! Winning video is next!!!