Somewhere In Time Cover Trivia

Reader YB chimes in re: my brief mention of the “Somewhere in Time” cover:

your blog post wherein you contemplate the cover of Somewhere In Time is cool, but I think you’re missing out on the fine detail and trivia stuff in that cover — here’s the cover … and here’s the scoop on trivia …

Hmm … looking at the trivia page (“To the right of the clock is a neon sign that reads ‘Ancient Mariner Seafood Restaurant,’ a reference to the song ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ from the Powerslave album”), I just have to wonder … do you think any teenagers ever got stoned on marijuana and spent hours looking at the “Somewhere in Time” album cover? LOL, hmm, I wonder if that ever happened … no, no, it’s just too crazy, that could never happen. What was I thinking with that incredible flight of fancy I just imagined? What teenager in 1986 would ever run home with his brand-new copy of “Somewhere in Time” and then go into his bedroom and put the record on and then roll the fattest joint ever and then open up the album cover and start looking for all the hidden symbols and references? Nobody would ever do that in a million years, because that would definitely not be very fun at all.