Pretty Good Wikipedia Paragraph

Okay, we have a contender for “Iron Maiden Wikipedia Paragraph of the Day.” It’s about Eddie, Iron Maiden’s monster mascot:

The 80s Maiden covers Piece of Mind through Seventh Son of a Seventh Son seemed to have a continuity of their own. Most noticeably traces of his lobotomy from Piece are featured in every cover from this period. Eddie’s cyborg eye (from the Powerslave-era single 2 Minutes to Midnight) also appeared on the covers of Somewhere in Time, Raising Hell and Seventh Son. Some of his cybernetic parts from Somewhere in Time remain on Seventh Son but obviously Eddie’s somewhat odd decomposition makes this link less clear. This continuity ceased for unknown reasons after No Prayer for the Dying (though Eddie’s non-zombie appearance on Fear of the Dark may have been a reason for the change) and has since been largely abandoned. Regardless, traces of the lobotomy still appeared in some artwork associated with the album. Indeed, the cover for The X Factor and associated artwork is about the operation that caused this change to Eddie.

Let’s get lost in this image …