Taibbi On Bartiromo

You all know how much I love ol’ Matt Taibbi.

I just read one of his all-time great paragraphs — he’s talking about the MSNBC lady who dropped a 10-ton bomb of dumb the other day. Have you seen the video? Here’s the video:

“If Medicare’s so great, why don’t you use it, you 45-year-old man who won’t qualify for another 20 years?” LOL, health policy debate highlight.

Anyway, Taibbi brought the ruckus with this one:

Fuck a fancy boutique drug like Erbitux — I have a very expensive private plan and I can’t even go to a doctor, not even to ask a simple question, unless it’s an emergency. I can’t get a routine checkup, can’t find out what that weird lump in my left foot is, can’t have the pleasure of a routine proctological exam unless I want to pay cash for it, and, well, forget about getting a filling replaced or seeing a therapist to deal with my incipient nervous collapse/burgeoning mid-life crisis. Hell, forget about paying for Erbitux, if I wanted to get a colonoscopy to find out if I needed Erbitux, I wouldn’t be able to — I’d probably have to wait until I was a fully symptomatic cancer patient before I could even have that conversation on my insurer’s dime. And I’m one of the lucky ones, I actually have money to pay for care out of pocket, if I had to. No country in the world rations care more than the U.S. There are whole generations of Americans (20-40 year-olds in particular) who don’t know what it is to be able to go to a doctor for preventive care or routine checkups. Erbitux, for Christ’s sake! Give me a break.

LOL, I love the guy. Hope that lump in your foot goes away, Matt! Lemme know if you want me to organize a prayer vigil for it …