Device For Sale: Custom URL Shortener

Hate to let this one go! For fans of vintage technology, get a load of this first-generation CUSTOM URL SHORTENER. This is the prototype designed by Rod Surly and Jacob Whitebreath that debuted at the 2002 Techno-Mall 2.0 Trade Show. You simply plug the URL Shortener into one of the internet pipes, grab a site with a long URL, then type in a new, shorter URL before releasing the site back into the pipe.

In fact, I hate to brag, but I’m the guy who used this machine to change to, which has saved billions of keystrokes in the past few years. So you’re getting a real piece of history with this device!

THIS IS ONE OF MY PRIZED POSSESSIONS, EMAIL ME FOR A SERIOUS INQUIRY ON HOW YOU CAN BUY IT. Condition is double-mint near-plus. Yes, institutions are welcome to make an offer.

Carrying case included. I can’t emphasize enough how hard this thing kicks’s ass.