Friday Face-Offs: “Kids” – 8th Place

Okay, we’re starting off with a pretty standard face-off video. But this kid does a good job with “Kids.”

Also, the video description made me root for the guy:

“it’s my last day with this keyboard (rented) and i really wanted to upload a cover of this song”

Rented keyboard?!?!?!? This makes me want to organize a fundraiser to buy this kid a $50,000,000 keyboard with ten thousand keys and twenty thousand buttons and pre-set sounds and drum beats (although I can’t imagine topping the unstoppable beat he lays down at the start of this video).

Also, I went to his myspace page and learned that when he was younger, he had motherfucking CANCER OF THE EYE, so now he can only see out of one eye. But you know what? He can fuckin’ see that rippin’-ass solo he drops at 3:00, so LOL to cancer, you got served. Jesus Christ, cancer of the eye. What does the eye even have inside of it to get cancer of? Seriously. What will they think of next?

One more thing: Some of the commenters for this video obviously have small crushes on this guy, and one of them writes, “this video should have 32423523452345 view in my opinion…”

LOL, small number of views! When I run that figure through my “big-number-auto-comma-inserter,” I get 32,423,523,452,345 views. I think that many views would be a youtube record. Because it’s more than 32 trillion views.

Anyway, not sure if the video warrants 32 trillion views, but it’s solid and it’s a great way to kick off this week’s FRIDAY FACE-OFFS!!!

(Bonus “Double Nickels on the Dime” funtoid: Each side of the double album starts with the sound of a revving car engine. SIDE 1: Mike Watt’s Lamborghini Countach; SIDE 2: D. Boon’s Aston Martin Lagonda; SIDE 3: George Hurley’s Ferrari 310 GTO; SIDE 4: Ethan James (producer)’s Alpine-Renault A310.)