What a crazy, juicy week! We’re living the dream, guys!

Hope about we cap it off with a fresh-squeezed FRIDAY FACE-OFF SMOOTHIE?


Welcome to the 17th installment of an internet legend!

I was poking around on the internet last night and stumbled upon the video for a song my friend had been pushing on me a few months ago. I remember, we were on a micro-road-trip and he kept bumping this song until I admitted it was more refreshing than a donkle-berry lemon smoothie with pineapple-whisker infusion ($14.75).

This week’s Friday Face-Off is “Kids,” by MGMT. Watch the original here:

I’m a big fan of melancholy dance songs, and this fits the bill. Not sure why it’s melancholy … is it the harmonies? The bass synth? The crummy drum beat? (LOL, Meg White, is that you?) Anyway, yeah, this is a jam and I’m about to show you some cover versions that will blow your mind right out of your eye-holes, so get ready.

FRIDAY FACE-OFFS!!! It’s like a vacation in your cubicle!!!