“Double Nickels On The Dime” Funtoid

Here’s another funtoid about the classic Minutemen album released 25 years ago this week:

SST Records paid big bucks to put Henry Mancini on retainer for orchestral arrangements. (SST founder Greg Ginn thought Husker Du’s “Land Speed Record” would benefit from Mancini’s cosmopolitan touch, apparently saying “I guarantee if we add some violins, we’ll have a #1 hit record, because the music is so slow and relaxing.”)

Mancini visited Radio Tokyo studio when the Minutemen were tracking “Double Nickels on the Dime” and was blown away at their productivity– they recorded 25 songs in 59 seconds. He offered to write a 30-piece orchestral arrangement for “Two Beads at the End” but was turned down by the band, because “the whole point of the album was about our exotic Italian sports cars, and he (Mancini) didn’t even own a Ferrari,” according to Mike Watt.