My War Against Jamba Juice: Blog Reax

Okay, so last week I posted about Jamba Juice biting my style in their amoral quest to sell juice.

Some of my high-powered twitter friends took that ball and ran with it, and now all of the internet is lining up to support me in my war against Jamba Juice, the worst juice franchise in all of America!

Look at what all these nice people are saying.

James Urbaniak:

I’ve enjoyed many a Jamba Juice (I forgive you –ed.) so I was disappointed to learn that their current marketing campaign features a blatant ripoff of David Rees’s detournement classic Get Your War On. Rees, of course, is appropriating free stock images but the Jamba Juice campaign is not doing the same thing. They are appropriating what Rees does with those images, right down to the way he renders his word balloons. I have no idea how the case would hold up in intellectual property court and Rees says on his website he’s not interested in legal action (only a boycott). But it’s plain as day: Jamba Juice ripped him off. (My emphasis)

Okay, umm… actually I was hoping to post, like, 100 blog posts of outraged super-fans promising to march and protest until the streets run red with raspberry-grabble-berry frost, or whatever crazy-ass juice they’re selling over at Jamba Junk. But I haven’t really seen many blog posts about this insane crime yet.

So if you see a blog post re: My war with Jamba Juice, please let me know and I’ll post it here!

My goal is to make the definitive source for news about my war with Jamba Juice!

Know hope.