Yoga Retreats

Let’s have one day where everyone in America (except Lloyd Blankfein) is on a yoga retreat!

This guy was going to take some time off between jobs and do yoga, and now he’s totally living the full-time yoga dream.

Obviously, the economy didn’t cooperate, but Mr. Odnoha doesn’t mind. Now he spends his days on the Himalayan Institute’s 400-acre wooded campus, practicing hatha yoga and meditation, studying spiritual texts, biking, walking and preparing meals in the institute’s kitchen. In exchange for his cooking duties and an annual fee of $3,000, he gets a private room, three vegetarian meals a day and unlimited access to the institute’s classes, seminars and other events.

Downward-facing Dow!

LOL, a little yoga-financial joke, there. Maybe I’ll write more and sell them to an ashram in exchange for free classes.