Pete’s Candy Store Lecture: Analysis, Wrap-Up, Next Steps

Thanks to everyone who came to Pete’s Candy Store last night for the financial empowerment lecture. Turnout was better than expected, so it may take awhile for everyone to receive their tote bag full of money.

I’d also like to apologize for those moments where I came down with a case of the “Jimmy Fallons.” I know I shouldn’t have giggled so much … it’s just that when I think of how much money people can make using my system, I get caught up in the spirit of laughter. So happy to share my gifts with you!

I’m going to polish my presentation and take it on the road in a big truck and hit all the towns in this great land of ours. Please let me know if you want to come along, or if you own a big truck, or if you know where all the towns are.

“Scratch-A-Million Billionaires For Life.”