No Justice, Part 3: Romney Essays

Justice keeps getting more and more “no.” Here are the best sentences from the winning Mitt Romney essays:

1. “The ultimate and real strength of America lies not in her military might or economic prosperity — but in her families and faith in God. American families face unprecedented attacks from higher tax burdens, welfare policies that reward illegitimacy and activist judges who want to re-define marriage.” –Runner-up Thomas Ginster (he gets a baseball signed by Mitt Romney, the lucky devil)

2. “Whatever challenges may confront us, I sense that we will triumph even still.”
–Runner-up Lt. Eric Russell (currently serving in Iraq; I guess they’ll send his signed baseball to his Forward Operating Base? Get it? “Base”-ball?)

3. “Like my father before me, I am proud to call the United States my home.”
–Can’t argue with Runner-up Yolanda Bryant!

4. “Freedom is not an end, but an on-going commitment to action … to safeguard all that is precious to us –- family, fundamental principles of truth, and a divinely-appointed duty to fight for the right.”
–Putting this on a bumper sticker TONIGHT. Credit to Runner-up Nanci Wudel, who, by the looks of her photo, is a professional freedom-essay-contest writer.

Still can’t believe these people entered the essay contest even after I explicitly told everyone on the internet not to enter. Bah!