Essay: First Draft

Welcome to the first draft of history! Here’s what I’ve got so far …

“What A Free and Strong America Means to Me”
By David Rees
(submitted to the Mitt Romney Essay Contest where you can win baseballs)

“What does a free and strong America mean to me?” This is the question we must answer in America today. Sometimes it seems like there are too many challenges facing us, from terrorism to welfare. And yet America continues to grow strong and free. So the question is, “What does this mean to me?” I think it comes from our Founding Fathers, who had the wisdom … our Charter Documents, which had the words … our Fighting Warriors, who had the courage … and our Self-Made Business Men, who had the vision … all of them working together, to make a Free and Strong America that means so much to me. Also, I’ve been getting into YOGA and I really recommend it to everyone who loves this country.


What do you think, gang? “Are those baseballs I smell?”