Friday Face-Offs: “Chopped N Skrewed” – 3rd Place

It was inevitable: Somebody officially meta-chopped and screwed CHOPPED N SKREWED:

This is like two inches away from being a Gregorian chant.

From the comments:

“(I) like the screwed but too much chop-maybe plus 2-3 chops per verse.”

Three chops per verse, are you kidding? You c-c-can’t chop enough, as f-f-far as I’m concerned-erned-erned. If you’re chopping less than 5 ch-ch-ch-ops per verse, I’m going back to my Enya tapes; call me when you chop it like you mean-ean-ean-ean it. The musical genre is called “chopped and screwed,” n-n-not “screwed and every so often, like three times per verse, maybe chopped.”

Come on, g-g-get real. In the words of Dinsoaur Jr, “Start Choppin’.”