Friday Face-Offs: “Chopped N Skrewed” – 2nd Place

Why is it my favorite thing on earth, to watch people get into their music?

From the user’s video description:

“I wasn’t really singing it, more like listening, but…’s not like everybody else’s.”


I don’t even know what genre of youtube video this is. It’s kind of a sing-along, but like the guy says, it’s mostly just him listening to the song and getting overwhelmed by how much he loves it (LOL, like at 0:53, he’s really hating it) with words floating around intermittently. Why isn’t this in the Whitney’s permanent collection of awesome videos that Matthew Barney didn’t make? “This is the reallest shit ever, especially the first part.”

Also, do any of the ladies in the comments section to this video want the guy to hit ’em up with his info very much?

By the way, this week’s FRIDAY FACE-OFFS has officially been CHOPPED N SKREWED, because we have a runner-up 2nd place this week:

Yes, that’s a Yamaha DX-7 in FULL EFFECT. With Christmas lights on it to set the mood while he goes off on CHOPPED N SKREWED. (Also, Miami Dolphins jacket, or am I imagining things?)

And because I’m chopping and screwing everything right now, let’s drop another 2nd Place runner-up video:

Yes, that’s a violin in FULL EFFECT. Let’s not even get into the insane blast of bewildered ecstasy I felt when I thought the violinist was MARLO STANFIELD.

FRIDAY FACE-OFFS! Winning video is next!