WHAT A WEEK! Tax-baggin’ tea parties; torture memos; and on a personal note I bought a swim cap! And now the weekend is here and it’s time for

Friday Face-Offs!!!

Welcome to the FOURTEENTH INSTALLMENT of an internet legend!

This week’s FRIDAY FACE-OFF is: “Chopped N Skrewed” by T-Pain. Watch the original version here:

What can we say? Great song, great video, great musical genre, and great cynical-co-option-of-said-musical-genre-for-street-cred.

Also, great chorus: “You’ve officially been chopped and screwed.” Ouch, do you get some kind of special plaque? That “officially” ranks as one of the all-time best adverbs in the history of pop music.

First contestant is up next!

FRIDAY FACE-OFFS! You’ve officially been Fridayed and Face-Offed!