Gay Storm Gathering, Darkening, Threatening

LOVE IT! Americans are finally waking up to the gay storm that is coming to make them all gay.

My only complaints:

1. They should have used “booming thunder” sounds, to reinforce the fact that the gay storm will be dark AND noisy;

2. They should have included a CGI dragon (gay-looking, if possible) gnashing its teeth at the Massachusetts mother whose son is being forced to have gay sex(?) in the school(?);

3. When the cute woman with glasses says, “I am afraid,” they should have intercut a brief shot of the Devil mouthing the words “AS WELL YOU SHOULD BE, FOR I SHALL MAKE ALL OF YOU BE GAY.”

4. When the guy with the Mexican(?) accent says, “The storm is coming,” they should have dumped water on him, like he got wet from the storm — like he naively thought the storm was coming, but in fact it had already arrived, like, because of Vermont letting gays marry each other and all that gay stuff, you know how gays are, with wanting to get married and all that stuff because of the gays.