Friday Face-Offs: “Don’t Cry Out Loud” – 8th Place

And we’re off! This video was obviously shot by a bodega security cam. It shows a crime in progress. It shows a thief stealing our hearts.

Nice flourish at 0:51. The solo at the end, also. The spirit of Arnold Schoenberg is alive and well on youtube.

Another thing: This video has an interesting comments section. The pianist has some strong feelings about current events. I bet you never thought you’d read the following phrases in the context of a video about “Don’t Cry Out Loud”:

“To this day they cloak themselves in secrecy — using the Illuminati …. you will find some information about things like the eye in the pyramid of the dollar …. People who are fat, dumb, and happy; are going to become flabergastric …. rogue Rothshschilds/Bush fascist dictatorial government ….”

Not sure what Glenn Beck would say about that, but I know he would at least cry in support of a man who’s concerned about his country.

FRIDAY FACE-OFFS! It’s flabergastric!!!