Friday Face-Offs: “Don’t Cry Out Loud” – 6th Place

My friend has been turning me on to stoner doom metal, where the music is all heavy and slow and sludgy and if you listen for too long, you wind up feeling like a manatee. Bands like Om, Sleep, Monster Magnet, all them guys. On vinyl only, of course, for that thick doom-y sound.

Anyway, this band is twenty times heavier than any doom metal band. Are you kidding me about the groove they start at 2:55? Heavy enough for you? Audience screaming very much in agony/ecstasy? And then does anything get SET OFF very hard at 3:00? Drums sounding thick enough for you? Is Sunn0)))) getting very nervous about being out-stoner-doom-rocked?

This recording truly captures how I feel about how Glenn Beck feels about his country.

Friday Face-Offs!