Hollywood Gossip: Wall*E Coming To Broadway?

Amazing industry buzz this morning … just off the cell phone with a major Hollywood insider who confirms what I’ve been hearing for weeks: PIXAR HIT WALL*E IS COMING TO BROADWAY!!!

Animated flick — about a garbage-eating box who falls in love with some kind of flying iPod-thing — is set to follow the Lion King, Shrek, and other mega-hits from the cinemaplex who have found glory on “The Great White Way,” aka Broadway.

This production will be “fully immersive,” according to my source … producers plan to fill the theatre with actual garbage before each performance, and then have “Wall*E” clean the garbage in real time … Sez my source: “People will freak out when they pay $125 for a ticket and then walk into the theatre and see all the trash and old bagels and newspapers and fish and whatnot, but by the end of the show, they’ll be so in love with Wall*E and so grateful that he cleaned up all the trash, they won’t mind that they have contracted a host of airborne diseases” … due to tight economic conditions, expect the role of Wall*E to be played by a Roomba …

Lyrics are being written as we speak … songs include “Look At All This Garbage,” “Take Out The Trash,” “Get Trashed,” and “I Found My Love (In A Pile Of Garbage).”