Paging Dr. Go-offsky … Time To Go Off …

Dr. Go-offsky is in the building, and he’s writing prescriptions.

That we even need a new raft of compensation regulations strains the boundaries of credulity. It makes you question the values of your countrymen. They were the principle beneficiaries of a decade-long bubble that they inflated. These Ivy League bundles of privilege were given every possible advantage and then took yet more than that. They took the advantages of high school seniors applying to college this year or entering the workforce next year. They took the advantages of seniors who had saved for retirement and parents who had invested to build their own business. And now they’re refusing to help defuse the bomb at the center of our economy unless we pay them retention bonuses. Worse, they’re threatening to flee the scene of the crime andmake money off the carnage. That, it’s been argued, is why we need to keep paying meeting their demands: Because we need them working for us rather than against us. It’s chutzpah as the Yiddish define it: A child who kills his parents and then begs for lenience because he’s a pitiable orphan. It’s shameful.

I love thinking about patriotism and its relationship to money/the economy. Remember when people jumped down Biden’s throat when he said paying taxes was patriotic? WTF? OF COURSE IT IS. It’s how the government gets the fucking money it needs to function.

“Shared sacrifice” and “shouldering the burden” and “honor, honor, honor” only come up in the context of the military. Why is the financial system not bound to the same codes, the same goose-bump vocabulary? “He made the ultimate sacrifice; he had his bonus stripped.”

LOL, I hope all the kids serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are totally pumped to protect our way of life right now. Everyone should go AWOL tomorrow.