Claymation Transformers Bombshell: Running Out Of Clay?

More big news about the Claymation Transformers sequel … whispered in my ear by a little bird named “Anonymous Big-Shot Hollywood Producer” … apparently there’s concern that the Transformers production will actually run out of clay … sez my source: “Things got tense on set yesterday when (Director Hakim) Bey realized a fight-sequence reshoot would require 50,000 additional tons of clay … he threw a craft-services bagel at his PA and yelled, ‘Where are we gonna get all this [EXPLETIVE] clay?’”

BONUS SHOCKER: Per my source, Bey went on to throw a craft-services yogurt cup at his DP and screamed, “Everybody go dig up some dirt and soak it in water and make me some [EXPLETIVE] clay, I need everyone to dig in the dirt right now, we need more clay, this is a [EXPLETIVE] clay emergency!”

Another source weighs in to say: “The production is now way over-budget and way under-clayed; Bey’s afraid he’s been played — he thought he had it made in the shade with an A+ grade, but those days have faded like Fannie Mae did, and now dismay is the way of the day, I say.”

I’ve been working the phones to find out details, and just heard this from a SFX guy in the loop: “Optimus Prime is only halfway constructed and he’s looking all dirty and grimy with clumps of grass sticking out of his shoulder because they didn’t have time to clean the clay before they started building the robots.”

Seems like only a clay miracle can save this troubled production now …

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