The MNFTIU “Wisconsin Era”

No recent era in history has been as divisive and controversial as “Wisconsin Week.”

Reader MR chimes in:

I feel like all you ever do these days is go to Wisconsin. Your blog was once the greatest blog on the internet … changing the tides of politics, current events, and art … “bringing it” to the most powerful people in the world … informing your readers about good wine … now it’s just the greatest blog about going to Wisconsin.

What can I say? My role as a blogger is to seek out the truth, comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable, and type funny jokes into my computer screen. Most of all, I HAVE TO BE TRUE TO MY OWN BELIEFS. And last week I believed I was going to Wisconsin. Why did I believe this? Because I bought an airplane ticket on the internet. And the ticket said, “Going to Wisconsin on the plane.”

Then, on Friday morning, I went to the airport and got on a plane and literally flew 10,000 (or however many miles) to Wisconsin.

If I hadn’t blogged about my trip to Wisconsin — if I had kept it secret — I would have been lying to you … and lying to myself.

And what is it they say about the man who lies to himself?

Oh, that’s right: “The man who lies to himself is like the dog that chases its own tail.”