GYWO Comics Vs. GYWO Videos

A word of explanation:

I’m gonna stop making the GYWO cartoon on Inauguration Day. Rolling Stone has already published my final comic for them. (It’s in the current issue, with Bush weeping on the cover. Pick up a copy: COLLECTOR’S ITEM.)

My weekly newspaper clients (all 1,000 of them, LOL) will print their final GYWO comic late next week. I’ll get those online eventually.

THAT LEAVES THE GYWO VIDEOS. The videos have been on hiatus for a few months. I would be happy to continue making ’em in the new year, but it all depends on whether (web site who commissioned/produced them) wants more.

Let us all hope they do, because I think it would be fun to make videos about all the exciting events in today’s world!

For instance, did you know Israel is about to defeat Hamas once and for all, thereby ending terror in Gaza? IT WOULD BE SO FUN TO MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT THAT!!!