Google Alert: “GET YOUR WAR ON”

Wow, the memories are really flowing, huh? LOL.

Here’s a nice article about the big GYWO book that google alerts found for me. (Google alerts is like TIVO for the internet.)

And you know what? Rees was right like, 95% of the time (One thing he got wrong was when one of his characters, shocked that eight weeks of bombing Afghanistan had yet to kill bin Laden, said that U.S. bombing raids must be like the elixir of eternal life, and that Saddam Hussein would therefore live to be 400-years-old). He was certainly more right more often than, say, The New York Times or NBC News or Newsweek or Time or Bob Woodward, and therefore deserves the right to put “definitive account” on his book more than just about anyone else who consistently commented on the war.

YESSS!!! Thanks to J. Caleb Mozzocco for writing such an in-depth review of the book. I trust you will all join me in buying fifty copies???